#Mosomelt Part2: CMALT portfolios week 13 to 24

Welcome back to the #mosomelt community of practice cMOOC!

In the second half of #mosomelt we aim to focus upon applying your new mobile social media skills towards creating CMALT portfolios. CMALT is the Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technologies. While weeks 13 to 24 of #mosomelt are framed around the requirements of creating a CMALT portfolio you do not have to submit your portfolio for CMALT accreditation if you do not want to – it is an optional extra, that is very worthwhile 🙂

Note: the requirements for CMALT accreditation is the submission of a portfolio of evidence that meets the CMALT criteria. The COST of CMALT accreditation is 150GBP plus either membership of ALT or Ascilite – which is approximately $150NZ per year. CfLAT has funds available for AUT University staff to cover the cost of CMALT accreditation – simply email us a request to take up this offer. To enrol in the CMALT accreditation process see the registration page

The first activity for part 2 of #mosomelt is:

Week 13 “Contextual Statement”

Choose a social learning theory on which to develop a short statement of your understanding and approach to using learning technologies in education. Post this to your WordPress blog, using the #mosomelt hashtag. Explore how your contextual statement could be presented using some of the Apps that we have used throughout weeks1-12 of #mosomelt. A contextual statement is a critical element of a CMALT portfolio – it is not assessed, but must be included.

Create a research biography and establish a profile on researchgate.com, link this profile into your WordPress blog.

Reflect upon this process on your WordPress blog.

Suggested Readings:

See the Google Doc at http://bit.ly/LearningTheory


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