#Mosomelt 2016 Week 2 “The power of an online profile”

This weeks focus is exploring the start of building an online profile using short form mobile video – for example Vine or Instagram. Both of these video Apps are ‘mobile first’ – so best used by downloading the mobile App to your device.

Last week a few of you experimented with MSQRD for creating some short selfie videos. This week try using Vine or Instagram video to introduce yourself to the MOSOMELT community by creating and sharing either a six second Vine video or an Instagram video. Include the #mosomelt hashtag in the video title, post the link to your video in the Google Plus community, Tweet the link to the video with the #mosomelt hashtag in your Tweet, and comment on other participant videos.

What issues are there around “digital identity” and education?

Reflect on this process in your WordPress blog.

You can search for the videos at https://vine.co/search/mosomelt

Some suggested reading:

Beetham, Helen, & White, David. (2014). Students’ expectations and experiences of the digital environment (Vol. Executive summary). Bristol, UK. http://www.jisc.ac.uk/publications/reports/2014/student-expectations-and-experiences.aspx

Cronin, Catherine, Cochrane, Thomas, & Gordon, Averill. (2016). Nurturing global collaboration and networked learning in higher education. Research in Learning Technology, 24. doi: 10.3402/rlt.v24.26497 http://www.researchinlearningtechnology.net/index.php/rlt/article/view/26497

Littlejohn, A., Beetham, H., & McGill, L. (2012). Learning at the digital frontier: A review of digital literacies in theory and practice. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 28, 547-556. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2729.2011.00474.x

Traxler, John. (2016). What killed the mobile learning dream? Jisc Inform, from https://www.jisc.ac.uk/inform-feature/what-killed-the-mobile-learning-dream-26-feb-2016?



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