#Mosomelt 2016 Week 11 “Mobile Augmented Reality”

This week we are exploring the potential of mobile Augmented Reality (AR) – for example Wikitude, Aurasma, or Junaio, download either of these AR Apps to your mobile device, explore some AR content, then create and share a mobile AR project description to the Project Bank for feedback. Rate another participants mobile AR project.
Mobile Augmented Reality utilises a smart device’s built-in camera and geolocation sensors (GPS, compass, and gyroscope) to overlay the real world environment with digital information, thus augmenting a real-world environment. While mobile AR has predominantly been used for marketing, Museum visits, enhancing Magazines, and other forms of content delivery, there is a range of freely available mobile AR content creation and sharing platforms that can be used for student-generated projects.

Start by downloading an AR App to your device – for example a mobile AR browser such as Wikitude, and search the available content for project inspiration. For Aucklanders you can search Wikitude for several examples of Architecture student projects: Archifail, Archiwonder, exploreauckland, and the Wynyard Quarter.

Hints on using Google Maps and Wikitude to create an AR layer:
Slideshow of creating an interactive Google Map & publishing in Wikitude


Creating an interactive Google Map for geolocating content https://plus.google.com/+ThomCochrane/posts/SAe1pnLvZfu

Reflect on this process on your WordPress Blog.

Suggested readings:

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Cochrane, Thomas, & Rhodes, David. (2013). Iarchi[tech]ture: Developing a mobile social media framework for pedagogical transformation. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 29(3), 372-386. http://ascilite.org.au/ajet/submission/index.php/AJET/article/view/191

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Hit Lab NZ. (2011, 3 March 2012). Cityviewar. Retrieved 18 July, 2014, from http://www.hitlabnz.org/index.php/products/cityviewar


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