The MOSOMELT cMOOC is designed as a lecturer professional development strategy based upon distributed communities of practice sharing their experiences utilizing a cMOOC framework. The framework links global experts into an authentic professional development experience via the integration of a range of mobile social media learning technologies. The framework includes a series of triggering events designed to support the development of participants’ personal eportfolios and pedagogical practice that can optionally be validated by external CMALT accreditation that can be used as both PBRF and Professional Development evidence.

To support the Mosomelt cMOOC community we use several mobile social media platforms to create an ‘ecology of resources’, as outlined in the following info graphic (via @victoriocflat)


To participate in the #mosomelt cMOOC make sure that you use the #mosomelt hashtag on any social media (Twitter, G+, Vine, Instagram, etc… that you want to share as part of the cMOOC)

The discussion forum and community hub for the cMOOC is a Moodle Forum that can be accessed via a web browser or the free Moodle mobile App.

Mosomelt is hosted by the Centre for Learning And Teaching (CfLAT) at Auckland University of Technology.

The facilitators are: