#MOSOMELT 2019 Week1: setting up your online profile

Introduction to the mobile social media learning technologies community: in signing up for the #MOSOMELT cMOOC you created your own accounts for several social media platforms for the MOSOMELT cMOOC. To help use these in your daily workflow download and install the free mobile Apps for these on your smartphone/tablet. Then you will be able to capture and share ideas with the #MOSOMELT community quickly and simply.

Reflect on this process in your WordPress blog, and list your goals for participation within the #mosomelt cMOOC for 2016.

TIP1: Make sure to include the #Mosomelt hashtag in the title of any blog posts associated with the cMOOC.

TIP2: In the “Sharing Settings” of your WordPress Blog you can link your Twitter account so that any new posts in your Blog are ‘announced’ on Twitter automatically.