Week 2 “The power of an online profile”

This weeks focus is exploring the start of building an online profile using short form mobile video – for example Instagram or a Twitter Video (uses your smartphone camera within the Twitter App). Both of these video Apps are ‘mobile first’ – so best used by downloading the mobile App to your device. Previously we used ‘Vine’ – but this has now been discontinued and incorporated into the Twitter App – this is an example of part of the life-cycle of change when using social media platforms!

Use Twitter or Instagram video to introduce yourself to the MOSOMELT community by creating and sharing either a Twitter video or an Instagram video. Include the #mosomelt hashtag in the video title, post the link to your video in the #MOSOMELT community at https://community.sotel.nz, Tweet the link to the video with the #mosomelt hashtag in your Tweet, and comment on other participant videos.

You could also try creating and sharing an MSQRD selfie video – as demoed here by +Victorio Burcio-Martin  6260210353692707394

Reflect on this process in your WordPress blog.

You can see the start of a collection of shared video introductions at: Introductions